Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back again

No I did not die and go to stitcher heaven, I just cut my hand ... couldn't stitch couldn't type, couldn't much of anything because it is my right hand. You know how you'll run the cloth around the top of a cup or glass to really get at that lipstick? Well don't! The glass just cracked and my hand slipped right down on the sharp edge and left me with almost a one inch slice through the web between the thumb and forefinger, eight stitches and more blood than I ever want to see again, ugh.

Not stitching yet, my thumb is still a bit numb, not completely. Doc says there is a branch of the Median Nerve very close, it was not cut but is probably bruised by the impact. Anyway, pretty difficult to hold a needle, I lost two in trying to thread one yesterday. Found 'em -- then couldn't pick them up (LOL). Typing seems to be ok now but not yet for very long as my hand begins to you realize how much you use the forefinger in typing? A lot!

Got a lot of reading done though. Hubby had a fit, I went through about 4 books the first week and began begging for a trip to the book store. I'm a very fast reader, especially if I find the book interesting. Very few books take me very long, but I did get one in this group. It is almost too boring to read. But my other problem is I hate to pay for a book and then not read it so I keep going back to it. I'll get through it eventually. Can't even remember the name of it now, it's so boring.

Then, since I had to go into the city for the doctor I also ran by the LNS. I found two pieces of material that would be good for my Stitch Pink project, now just need to choose one. One piece I got for only $2 as it was the last little scrap she had left, perfect for a bell pull or a couple of bookmarks, but the owner said she has a hard time selling scraps that small. I wonder why, I save scraps until they really are too small to stitch anything on, but with biscornu and ornies you can get away with a very small piece. This 'scrap' she couldn't sell is at least 8 inches wide and about 16 inches long, bell pull ready in my mind! Wouldn't you buy that?

Did you notice Heaven and Earth Designs had a sale at the beginning of the month? I was being soooooo good and not even thinking about buying anything, then I saw this:

Little Drummer Boy Stocking
by Donna Gelsinger

I saw this little guy somewhere two years ago and have been looking for him ever since. I never thought to check if he might be a HAED chart. I probably won't be able to do him this year, but I'm not going to put him off too long.

Anybody know what's up with The Gift of Stitching? They closed their blog, completely removed it from the web and their Shop is closing....please don't tell me they are closing the magazine, I love that magazine!

Hope you take time to stitch a bit today!!!!

Happy Stitching