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This is my new blog.  Daffycat says one must have a distinctive avatar and since I chose Moonlander as my blog I figured the space suit photo would make a 'memorable' avatar, he he he he he. What do you think?  I know, silly, but that's what a blog is for, to play with!
Some background info for you.  I'm 64, married to Mr. Perfect (meaning he's the perfect guy for me not that he is actually perfect himself!) and together we have 6 grandchildren, whom we do not see enough of!  I stitch and he goes fishing, we're both retired so we have lots of time, just not enough money to fill it all up.  I have a back and hip problem which confines me to two canes or a walker for longer distances so I do not get 'out' much but stitching can be done anywhere so that's my thing, as they say.  Hubby and our two children take lots of photos for me and I play with the photos making them 'look good' or 'cute' or 'funny', it gives me the impression that I was involved.

Here are a couple of my most recent finishes....that does not always mean framed and finished either.  Finished just means the stitching is done, when some money comes in I might squeeze out enough to 'finish the finish'.  I have recently learned to save cereal boxes and things like that so I can make flat folds, ornies magnets and such out of things that I used to frame -- but you all must know how expensive framing has gotten, my goodness!  I've also got my kids searching out garage sales and antique stores for older cheap frames.  My daughter in law is really really good at it, too, she gets lots of nice little frames for fifty cents!  So, the work.....

Be the Kind of Stitcher
That kind of stitcher by Cherry Wood Design Studios.  18 ct white aida.

Heartfelt Harvey
Heartfelt Harvey

I don't remember the designer but it was a freebie, 28 ct cream pearled linen. This is top of a round box, but I haven't finished the inside of the box yet.

Homespun -2
'Homespun' first published in a very old BH&G

This was recently presented as SAL on one of the French blogs.I don't speak French but I did manage to get one of the English speakers to send me the charts.  Lots of fun to stitch this one, I'm thinking of making a pillow out of it if I can find a good backing. 18 ct white aida.

Venice Bridge
Venice Bridge by Michael Powell

I guess it's 14 ct aida I think that's what his kits have.  If you have the patience to do all the backstitching Powell's charts are a lot of fun. This one will be finished as the front of a Journal for my son --- at his request, which I thought was kinda cool.

And last but not least is Pere Noel from Isabelle Vautier.  I finished this in March but I really want to get a nice frame and have it professionally framed so it's still sitting here.  I'm hoping the kids will give mom a couple bucks for her birthday (LOL).

Pere Noel
Pere Noel by Isabelle Vautier

Pere Noel is on 28ct perle linen over 1 and stitched with a Gentle Arts overdyed thread that I can't remember the name of, possibly Cranberry. I really loved stitching this one. Toward the end I found I had an error which mis-aligned the upper right quadrant, but I couldn't find the original error so I compensated instead-- oh, that's makes mine 'one of a kind' (LOL).

I have some photos of current work but I'll hold them for the next time.  I have a ton of WIPs and several UFOs so I hope you're looking forward to what's coming.  Now that I have a blog and an ID I can start leaving comments on those blogs I've been visiting, so if I pop up, don't hesitate to say hi.

Happy Stitching

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