Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Joined a group

I was going to show off some of hubby's good work for my craftiness but the camera futzed up, so maybe later on that.  But I will tell you about it.  Somewhere on the web I saw a picture of a lap frame that looked like it was made from PVC piping.  I showed it to hubby and he started measuring and futzzing around and today, Voila!, I have a terrific new lap frame.  PVC is designed to be glued at the joints so with too much movement the entire frame still falls apart because I want it to be collapsible for storage and I made him not glue anything.  Eventually I will glue some of the joints, but I just have to decide which ones.  Anyway, for large pieces this is going to be sooooooooo nice.  I have had a very expensive floor frame for years but never used it much because I can never get really comfortable at it.....besides it's always in the way no matter where I put it so I just don't drag it out unless it's a really really special piece I'm working on... like Teresa Wentzler, now her pieces deserve a little discomfort and inconvenience!

Today while blog hopping I found another brand new blog, "In the Pink".  I am very in to stitching Breast Cancer Awareness pieces and this new blog will be all about stitching pink for friends or family.  I sent off my e-mail to see if I can join and right now I'm betting there are spaces because so far there are only 4 or 5 followers, so pop on over if you want support for your Stitching Pink project.  I'm going to stitch the "Courage Bellpull" a freebie design from Donna Bayliss at By the Bay Needleart.  I think this was from a couple of years ago but the design is probably still available on the blog.  This is Donna's picture I don't know yet what fabric I'll use or even if I'll finish it as a bell pull.  This is one of my favorite free BCA designs and I would have stitched it sooner but, thankfully, have only recently found a need for it.


I hope everybody had a lovely holiday weekend, being an 'empty nest' and both of us retired, one day is pretty much like the next around here.  In fact I just got a phone call to remind me that I'm supposed to be on a conference call tonight and I had to admit it was a good thing D thought to call me because I was not even aware today is Wednesday much less that it's been a whole month since the last conference!  Boy, time sure does fly when you're having fun (LOL).  Sorry my 4th of July post is late, but that's what happens when old folks don't pay particular attention to the calendar.

Hubby is nattering about dinner on the table so I'm off.  Hope you find time to stitch today.

Happy Stitching,


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