Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WIPs more every day

Well I guess they aren't all WIPs, this one is finally(!) done. I spent all day Saturday making the box. I love boxes but sometimes they really are a pain. I made this box for DH for his desk. But he decided he'd rather have it on the end table by his chair. It now holds crossword puzzle pencils and erasers, tv remotes, toothpicks(?) post-it notes, and just a lot of little stuff! I'm glad he likes it, it's no business of mine what he uses it for.

Lizard Box
Part of Stationery Set from
one of the British magazines

Then DH went fishing Sunday so I had all day to stitch both Sunday and Monday (oh happy days, LOL). I worked on my very own Christmas Stocking, I've never had one of my own and this will be about the 6th one I've done, I guess it's about time I get one.

My very own stocking
'Dragon by the Fire' by Black Swan Designs
on 28ct Silver Lame Lugana

I suppose I spelled "Lame" wrong but that just means the fabric is shot with silver threads and just glitters like crazy, it's really beautiful. The design is made for copper and gold metallics and since I only had a silver fabric I changed that to silver which looks fine with the copper. I am just going to love love love this stocking! Isn't he just darling?

My very own stocking
Close up of his cute little head

Over the 4th of July weekend Heaven & Earth Designs had a sale, hope you got in on that. I purchased 3 Storykeeps (bookmarks). I know I'm going to regret getting only three, but I just could not bring myself to get HAED's for the younger boys yet. Maybe when they are older there will be more designs suitable for boys, besides they only had three with dragons on them. I have this really dumb idea that if I put all three designs on one piece of fabric and sort of work them simultaneously they'll all get done and be ready for individual birthday gifts next year.

Storykeep Layout
Here is the layout
Confabulation: Forest Walk: Magical Arrival

After all that planning I didn't even look at my layout, I started Forest Walk first, urg! But I don't think that will make any difference the measurements will still be the same. I love each one of these. I hope the Christmas stocking guy is not "too young" feeling for a 10 yr old. It will matter now, but I think as he gets older then it won't matter so much. So after a couple of hours work, here is the WIP:

Bookmark beginning layout
Forest Walk - HAED

After I get that white bit filled in I think this is as far as I'll go on the first one. Then I'll start the second one and go about as far, and so on. We'll see how it goes. The fabric is plain 25ct cream Lugana. I haven't put in a grid and on this one that seemed to be ok, but it's not always a good idea, even with a bookmark with HAED. I hope I don't have to add a grid later, that can be a pain.

Monday I worked on a little birdie and sent it as a greeting card to say thank you to a neighbor for flowers she brought me from her garden. I guess this is another Happy Dance, I didn't realize I had two whole finishes this week, yahoo! This was a free design included in Cross Stitcher with a frame which I used for framing the greeting card but I forgot to take the picture of the finished card and it's gone now.

Blue Tit
Blue Tit

I wish I hadn't forgotten that picture. The frame had more of the branch and those cute little pink flowers all around, it was really pretty when finished.

And finally Monday evening, I got two more people on "Hamelen" offered as a free online SAL by Anita at Stitch-Creations last year. There were five parts to the design and I think they are still online in the blog if you are interested.

'Hamelen' by Stitch-Creations

This is just about half of the design. Stitched on Babbling Brook 28 ct linen over 1 using a Weeks color but I've put it away so will have to give you the color next update.

All these WIPs are making me antsy to stitch some more. And yikes! I still have to find a fabric for my In the Pink project. Take a stitch or two yourself today, it will make you smile.

Happy Stitching


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