Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outstanding stitching

So, you think your work is large?  Here is one that tops us all.  The Battle of Grunwald took place in 1410 (near Grundwald, Tannenberg and Breslau -- now Poland).  This was a major battle of the "Great War" of time which involved Russians, Ukraininans, Czechs, Turks. Moldovns, the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  This great battle was depicted in oils by Jan Matejko sometime in the early to mid 15th century:

Grundwald by Matekjo circa 1850?

In 2008 polish artists Adam Panek and Grzegorz Zochovsky took to transferring this magnificent work to cross stitch -- not part of it -- all of it, in extreme detail.  Rather like our Heaven and Earth Designs projects -- only bigger. The result is a cross stitch chart of 4,304 stitches by 1, 835 stitches (total stitches: over 7 million!!).  The design consists of 50 parts: 40 full sized pieces and 10 smaller pieces (around the edges), and comes in 50 books.  The smallest book is 20 pages and the longest is 77.  Total pages for the project: 3,270, and that is chart-only pages it doesn't count any instructions or materials list pages  (and you thought HAED had a lot of pages, LOL).  The finished design will measure approximately 32 1/3 Feet by 14 Feet.  You think I'm kidding, yes?  Well, here is the progress to date:


Sadly, the report I read did not identify the stitching group other than to say they are a group of dedicated stitchers in Poland.  I hope when they get this finished that somebody reports on it again, I would love to see the finished work (but I don't receive any Polish newspaper).

And on the home front, today we mourn the passing of Betty Ford.  Born in 1918, Mrs. Ford was one of the most out spoken first ladies of our time.  Her opinions may not always have been right, but she said what she believed and she said it publicly -- Bravo Mrs. Ford.

betty_ford 1918-2011

Sorry kiddies, my son hasn't showed up yet to fix my camera, hopefully this afternoon. Hope you take time to stitch a bit today!!!!

Happy Stitching

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